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RIP Duongster

2016-10-20 17:48:56 by antdung

Thanks again everyone for 1st place for the summer animation jams! The Newgrounds community is so great. I recently became a supporter, so I decided to change my name (Duongster is so middle school lolz). So RIP to duongster and hello to antdung. 

As for content, I died/had a blast doing the animation jam, but due to another semester of grad school, I'll probably be on hiatus until winter break. Idk, we'll see!

p.s. I'm so flattered that ANOTHER one of my dumb characters has made it to the website wall paper. SO COOL!!!


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2016-10-20 17:56:56

Love you Anthony, it was a pleasure to work with you amigo <3

Good luck with your studies, may you have enough time for all you do!

antdung responds:

I love you too, Sam. Because I hate my voice, I'll probably be contacting you SOOONNNN!!!!!!


2016-10-20 19:14:06

I'd be lyin' if I was surprised about the outcome. I had a strong feeling you'd be one of the top three, but I was certain of you winning the whole thing after the second jam was completed. I'm still wow'd by Robot Jobs. A lot of quality in a such brief period of time. Actually, all four of your entries were amazing. I'm curious as to what you would have done for the Sound Jam.

As for the name, it's really... you know... it's new! It's really new. Not crappy at all, except for the second half of it, because that's kinda what dung is. I'mma end it here before I type something stupid(er).

(Updated ) antdung responds:

hey man, I really appreciate the support! The whole process was a lot harder than I thought. Especially for Robot Jobs, where I spent literally every waking hour for 9 days working on it LOL. I guess I learned my lesson.

Ya I'm enjoying my new life as antdung. This name is much more mature than lame-o Duongster. Screw Duongster!!!! :B


2016-10-20 21:48:23

I like your name fam.

antdung responds:

Thanks, man. Yours ain't half bad either.


2016-10-20 22:03:40



antdung responds:



2016-10-21 02:45:04

The title of this update gave me a heart attack....

antdung responds:

lol, sry bro. I guess the title was a lil' click baity huh? x_x


2016-10-21 05:57:52

Hope to see you again soon with new cartoons mate, good luck with the next grad school semester :D

antdung responds:

Thanks, Axel! It sucks, but things often do!